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AnSight’s Solutions for COVID-19

Our CFD Solutions

Insightful CFD solutions for building HVAC and other engineering applications

Data Centers

Cooling performance optimization, cooling failure and sever heating analysis, generator exhaust plume dispersion, equipment yard layout optimization, and more..

Plume Dispersion

Plume dispersion CFD analysis, optimization of laboratory exhaust stack height and locations, generator exhaust plume dispersion, data center equipment yard layout optimization, and more..


Optimization analysis of particle removal efficiency, compliance assessment with ISO 14644 standards, assessment of unidirectional flow, dynamics of contaminant transport and spread, and more..

Smoke Exhaust Systems

Atrium smoke exhaust analysis, visibility analysis, stairwell and elevator shaft pressurization, smoke exhaust design optimization, and more..

Healthcare Facilities

Airflow patterns, flow path of airborne contaminants, HVAC performance optimization, patient rooms, isolation rooms, operating rooms, cooling tower plume dispersion, and more..

Laboratory Facilities

Optimization of laboratory ventilation effectiveness, airflow patterns, flow path of airborne contaminants, fume hood design optimization, exhaust stack plume dispersion, and more..

Parking Garage Ventilation

Verification of local code requirement, optimization of exhaust flow rates, optimization of ventilation effectiveness, airflow patterns, carbon monoxide concentration distribution, and more..

Radiant Heating and Cooling

Design optimization of radiant systems, prediction of radiant temperature and occupant thermal comfort, optimization of radiant panel locations for high efficiency, and more..

Chilled Beams

Performance optimization of chilled beam systems, prediction of temperature and occupant thermal comfort, optimization of capacity and locations to enhance the performance, and more..

Thermal Energy Storage

Performance optimization of TES, maximize capacity, visualization of water flow patterns, optimization of discharge water temperature, optimization of diffuser design, and more..

Under Floor Air Distribution

Performance optimization of UFAD systems, cause-and-effect analysis of thermal decay, optimization of diffuser locations, optimization of occupant thermal comfort, and more..

Displacement Ventilation

Displacement airflow patterns, location optimization of stratified layer, contaminant displacement analysis, optimization of occupant thermal comfort, and more..

Engineered Natural Ventilation

Design optimization, analysis of wind patterns, hourly estimate of occupant thermal comfort, suitability analysis of local climate, optimization of operable openings, and more..

Moving Bed Dryers And Coolers

Capacity enhancement, performance optimization, product quality optimization, moisture and temperature variations in the product bed, and more..

Moisture Migration

Optimization of a package design, prediction of shelf life, moisture redistribution within a product, airflow patterns in stored products, and more..