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About AnSight

AnSight LLC specializes in providing engineering solutions and insights through simulation and analysis. Our in-depth, Physics-based analyses lead to innovative design solutions. We have over 25 years of experience in providing optimized engineering solutions to a wide variety of problems involving fluid flow, heat transfer, mass transfer, and other similar engineering processes. Our analysis tools include Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), flow network modeling, and zero-dimensional analysis.

Our Mission

Provide engineering insights through Physics-based analysis to enhance the health, comfort, and productivity of human beings.

Our Values

We strive to provide the best value to our clients. We take pride in meeting our clients’ expectations and providing an appropriate return for their investment. We listen to our clients’ needs and understand their concerns. Our approach is solution-driven. We keep our clients involved and deliver targeted solutions. We partner with our clients in nurturing innovation and building engineering insights.

Our Strengths

CFD Experts

CFD solutions backed by several years of experience in solving challenging engineering problems

Value Driven

Best return on investment with our inquisitive CFD analysis

Team Approach

Client involvement during analysis to build engineering insights

Targeted Solutions

Solution driven CFD analysis to exceed client’s expectations


Pioneering contributions to the art and science of engineering recognized by professional organizations


Kishor Khankari, Ph.D.

ASHRAE Fellow, ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer

Dr. Kishor Khankari is the founder of AnSight LLC. As a specialist in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), his passion for solving engineering problems and providing sound scientific solutions has led to innovations and optimization of HVAC designs in the industry. From a farmer in Minnesota for whom he helped design a farm hay dryer for optimizing the locations of biological and chemical sensors in subway train stations, Dr. Khankari has provided engineering insights to a wide range of industries. He has worked with the food and agriculture, HVAC, chemical, and aerospace industries. Dr. Khankari is passionate about airflow management in occupied spaces. His numerous presentations and conference papers emphasize the crucial role of HVAC configuration in determining ventilation effectiveness. He has developed several easy-to-use analytical software tools, which are regularly used by design engineers in the critical facility and automotive industries.

A noted expert in his field, he has a Ph.D. in CFD from the University of Minnesota and has published in several technical journals and trade magazines. Dr. Khankari is an eloquent and engaging speaker. He has made presentations on topics related to the design and optimization of HVAC systems at various technical conferences and professional meetings. The American Society of Heating and Refrigeration Engineers (ASHRAE) recognized him as a Distinguished Lecturer, and he has delivered more than 100 Distinguished Lectures worldwide.

US Patent 7682231 Exhaust fan assembly

A joint patent developed with Greenheck Fan Corporation related to the unique design of a wind band for laboratory fan exhaust assembly.

Awards & Recognitions


For attaining unusual distinction in the arts and sciences of heating, refrigeration, air conditioning or ventilation and for making substantial contribution to these arts and sciences.

ASHRAE Distinguished Fellow Award

ASHRAE Fellow for continuous preeminence in engineering or research work.

ASHRAE Distinguished Service Award

In recognition for serving faithfully and with distinction and giving freely time and talent on behalf of ASHRAE.

ASHRAE Exceptional Service Award

In recognition of faithful and exemplary service for a Distinguished Service Award recipient on behalf of ASHRAE.

ASHRAE Detroit Chapter Distinguished Service Award

For many years of contributions of time and talent to ASHRAE Detroit Chapter.


Software Tools Developed

  • Tool for the analysis of natural ventilation systems
  • CoolSim, CFD Software for Data Centers
  • CounterFlow, CFD Software for the analysis of cooling performance of counterflow coolers
  • Customized CFD analysis tool for Ford Motor Company for the performance analysis of evaporator core of automotive AC system
  • Customized CFD analysis tool for Delphi Company for the analysis of automotive HVAC systems.
  • Customized CFD analysis tool for Ralston Purina Company for the performance analysis of pet food dryers

Professional Activities

  • ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer
  • ASHRAE Board of Director – Director-At-Large (DAL)
  • Member: ASHRAE Members Council
  • Member: ASHRAE Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Committee
  • Member: ASHRAE Infectious Aerosols Position Document Committee
  • Member: ASHRAE Standard 129: Air Change Effectiveness Committee
  • Member: ASHRAE Standard 241: Control of Infectious Aerosols
  • Chair and pioneer of ASHRAE Multi Task Group (MTG) on Air Change Rates (MTG.ACR)
  • Member: ASHRAE Research Advisory Panel
  • Member: Industry Advisory Board: Architectural Engineering: Lawrence Technology University
  • Lead: Ventilation Effectiveness for Laboratories (VEL) I2SL Working Group
  • Past Member: ASHRAE Environmental Health Committee (EHC)
  • Past Member: ASHRAE Technology Council
  • Past Chair ASHRAE Research Administration Committee (RAC)
  • Past President – ASHRAE Detroit Chapter
  • Past Chair: ASHRAE TC 9.11 Clean spaces
  • Member: ASHRAE Technical Committee TC 5.3 Room Air Distribution
  • Member: ASHRAE Technical Committee TC 9.6 Healthcare Facilities
  • Member: ASHRAE Technical Committee TC 9.9 Mission Critical Facilities
  • Member: ASHRAE Technical Committee TC 9.10 Laboratory Systems