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I have worked with AnSight on a diverse range of studies and projects. With my area of specialty being data centers , I have seen many CFD models that look mainly at air flow through computer spaces and the temperature of the air entering the computers housed in those spaces. But to assume that that is the only or the best application of CFD modeling misses the much bigger picture. Kishor is able to apply the principles of CFD modeling to much more complicated and real-world problems in a way that produces stunning and informative visual effects. The best example of such creativity was on display for a project in which a data center owner needed to know whether cooling tower plume mitigation would be required in an application in which the data center was adjacent to a residential neighborhood. The resultant model was able to account for outdoor temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, and other critical factors that determine whether water from the plume would carry into the neighborhood.

Vice President, Leading Sustainable MEP Design Firm

AnSight performed a complex plume analysis using CFD to aid in the design of a large laboratory fume hood exhaust system.  AnSight was able to reduce the complexity of the problem without sacrificing the validity of the overall results while delivering concise results and recommendations to our client for minimized stack height and low risk of re-entrainment.
Principal Engineer, Leading Design Build Firm

AnSight provided CFD analysis for a complex pharmaceutical cleanroom which involved an isolator for vial filling. We were concerned about the airflow patterns and the resulting cleanliness in the cleanroom as well as in the isolator. AnSight provided valuable insights into the complex airflow patterns and particle distribution in the cleanroom and in the isolator. Spread Index technique developed by AnSight was valuable in assessing the particle removal efficiency. The animations and visuals provided by AnSight helped us communicate our concerns and possible mitigation strategies with our client.
Principal, Leading Cleanroom Design and Testing Firm

AnSight provided timely, insightful and easy to understand CFD analysis for the re-design of chilled water storage tanks.  The results produced a simpler tank diffuser with better predicted performance than the proposed design which resulted in fewer storage tanks and a significant savings for our project.
Principal Engineer, Leading Design Build Firm

…extending our immense gratitude for the effort and investment you put into this project. The behaviors of the indoor environment that you were able to illustrate allowed us to communicate our concerns to the client quantitatively and adjust our design to resolve many of the thermal comfort issues that could have arisen. This study was critical in motivating any sincere concern about what could have been, with the client.
Associate Principal, Leading Consulting Firm

“Thank You to you for your effort with the CFD Model.  I believe there was real value added by doing the models…., you are the expert and I would be putting a great degree of confidence in your recommendations and placing trust in you”
Senior Project Manager, Leading MEP Firm

Thank you for the material that you have sent, this content provides substantial in demonstrating the concept of PPD and PMV and how they relate to certain components in a room.
Associate Principal, Leading Consulting Firm