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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis of Engineered Natural Ventilation

Natural ventilation is not just about windows. Of course, windows are necessary to bring outside breeze into a home or an office. However, just windows are not enough to make the occupants comfortable. The local climate and internal heat loads play a vital role in the performance of natural ventilation systems. A good design of a natural ventilation system should maintain harmony between the local climate, space sensible heat loads, and the design of operable openings (windows). Even under the best climatic conditions, poorly designed natural ventilation systems perform miserably.

Several factors affect the engineering of natural ventilation. Design parameters such as the size of windows, location of windows, type of windows, height of the building, the orientation of the building, surrounding terrain, furniture, and space layout affect the airflow through the openings. Whereas sensible heat loads due to lighting, solar heat gains, the heat generated by occupants, and computers affect thermal comfort. A non-optimized natural ventilation design can neutralize the benefits of a “good” climate.

Our proprietary CFD analysis procedures help in the design optimization of naturally ventilated spaces to maximize occupant comfort. Our analysis assesses local climate conditions along with the space cooling loads to quantify the number of hot, cold, and comfortable hours for the occupants for the entire year. These efforts not only help in fine-tuning the design to maximize the comfort of occupants but also sets realistic expectations about thermal comfort from a naturally ventilated space.

AnSights into Engineered Natural Ventilation

Hourly estimate of thermal comfort of occupants in a naturally ventilated space
Air temperature distribution in a naturally ventilated office space
Flow path of air in a solar chimney assisted natural ventilation of an atrium
Air temperature in a solar chimney assisted natural ventilation of an atrium

We provide insights into

  • Assessing climate suitability for natural ventilation.
  • Number of hot, cold, and comfortable hours for the occupants.
  • Wind patterns surrounding the building.
  • Optimized locations and size of the ventilation openings.
  • Temperature and airflow analysis.
  • Sensible heat load optimization.
  • Space layout optimization to minimize airflow obstructions.
  • Thermal comfort of occupants (ASHRAE Standard 55).
  • Solar chimney analysis and optimization.

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