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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis of Parking Garage Ventilation

The primary purpose of ventilation systems for enclosed parking garages is to provide a safe environment for all personnel at all locations within the space by maintaining a certain acceptable level of concentration of hazardous contaminants. Carbon monoxide (CO), is the most hazardous contaminant in the enclosed underground garages. The guidelines provided in the building codes and standards generally overestimate the ventilation rates and cannot ensure the high level of ventilation effectiveness.

In a ductless ventilation system, the supply air should effectively sweep the garage space and dilute the contaminant concentration at acceptable levels, especially in the breathing zone of occupants. The effectiveness of an enclosed parking garage ventilation system depends on several factors including the supply airflow rate, number and locations of exhaust points, and number of and locations of makeup air points.

Our proprietary CFD analysis procedures help our clients in obtaining verifications for the local building codes and in risk mitigation due to poor airflow distribution in enclosed parking spaces. Our analyses help optimize HVAC configuration by selecting strategic locations the distributed makeup air and exhaust points in space.

AnSights into Parking Garage Ventilation

Contaminant concentration at a breathing level in a garage space
Airflow distribution in a garage space
Airflow patterns in a garage space
Zones of high concentrations in a garage space

We provide insights into

  • The verification of ventilation effectiveness.
  • Optimization of exhaust airflow rates.
  • Three-dimensional distribution of airflow patterns and temperature.
  • Three-dimensional map of carbon monoxide concentration.
  • Optimization of location and number of makeup air injection points.
  • Optimization of location and number of exhaust points.
  • Verification to meet local code requirements.
  • Optimization of garage layout.

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