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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis of Thermal Energy Storage (TES)

Chilled water thermal storage systems store cold water during off-peak hours and use it to meet the cooling demand during peak hours. Chilled water storage tanks employed in the Thermal Energy Storage (TES) systems operate on the principle of thermal stratification to maintain the separation between the cold and warm water during the charging and discharging operation.

The goal of the TES tank design is to maximize the performance by keeping the thickness of the thermocline as small as possible during the charging and discharging operation. The performance of the chilled water tanks depends on the charge and discharge water flow rates, temperature difference (delta T) between the cold and warm water streams, an aspect ratio of the tank, and the design of the supply and return diffusers.

Our proprietary CFD analysis procedures help our clients optimize the performance of chilled water thermal energy storage. We analyze and optimize water discharge temperature, diffuser design, and progression of thermocline to maximize the capacity.

AnSights into Thermal Energy Storage (TES)

Water flow patterns in a chilled water tank with an octagonal diffusers
Water flow patterns in a chilled water tank with disc diffusers
Variation of discharge water temperature with time
Progression of the thermocline in a chilled water thermal storage tank

We provide insights into

  • Prediction of the discharge water temperature with time.
  • Prediction and optimization of thermocline thickness.
  • Analysis of diffuser design on the performance of the tank.
  • Design and optimization of supply and return diffusers.
  • Three-dimensional visualization of water flow patterns in the tank.
  • Visualization of location and thickness of thermocline with time.

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