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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis of Moisture Migration

Movement of moisture occurs within the hygroscopic products such as stored grains, breakfast cereals, or other similar products due to periodic variations in the surrounding temperature and when products with non-uniform moisture content with different water activity are stored together. Such migration of moisture causes an increase in the moisture content beyond the safe level, which can lead to mold growth and reduction in the shelf life of a product.

The process of moisture migration involves simultaneous heat and moisture transfer, which is related to the sorption isotherm or water activity of a product. The migration of moisture within a product that depends on various factors related to the product quality, package size, surrounding air conditions, and the water activity of a product generally occurs due to thermal gradients.

Our proprietary CFD analysis procedures help in the optimization of the package design to minimize moisture migration. Our analysis predicts airflow patterns in a large storage bins or bags, moisture redistribution in a packaged product, and the headspace impact on the shelf life of a product.

AnSights into Moisture Migration

Variation of product temperature within a package
Variation of product moisture content within a package

We provide insights into

  • Airflow patterns through a product porous bed.
  • Variation of air temperature and relative humidity.
  • Variation of product temperature and moisture content.
  • Impact of product sorption isotherms/water activity on moisture migration.
  • Optimization of package design to minimize moisture migration.

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