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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis of Moving Bed Dryers and Coolers

Moving bed or conveyor dryers and coolers often involve drying and cooling of hygroscopic products such as food products, pet food, and animal feed. In the case of drying, the hot air passes through a moving bed of wet a product. Whereas, in the case of cooling, ambient air passes through a hot moving bed of a product. Drying and cooling of such products is a complex process and involves simultaneous transport of heat and moisture. The temperature and moisture content of the dried product depends on several factors related to the design of the dryer, operational conditions, and the drying characteristics of the product itself.

Ideally, the product should dry/cool uniformly to a desired temperature and moisture content with the highest throughput capacity with a minimum heat loss. Engineers and scientists often struggle with trial-and-error efforts to obtain superior performance.

Our proprietary CFD analysis procedures help in the optimization of the product drying and cooling process to enhance the performance and capacity. Our analysis assesses airflow patterns around and through the product bed, variations of product temperature, and moisture content along and across the moving product bed.

AnSights into Moving Bed Dryers and Coolers

Variation of product temperature in a moving bed dryer
Variation of product moisture content in a moving bed dryer

We provide insights into

  • Detailed airflow patterns through a product bed.
  • Variation of air temperature and relative humidity.
  • Variation of product temperature and moisture content.
  • Dryer/cooler design optimization.
  • Performance and capacity optimization.

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