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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis of Smoke Exhaust Systems

Under the fire scenario, effective evacuation of smoke from indoor spaces is crucial for providing a tenable environment to occupants without obscuring the signage and rescue paths. The design and operation of the smoke exhaust system play a vital role in determining the tenability. Ideally, the smoke should travel from the location of the fire to the exhaust in a “single-pass” flow path without obscuring the rescue route of occupants.

Several factors can affect smoke dilution and visibility. These factors include the size and location of the fire, exhaust fan capacity, placement of exhaust grilles, locations and number of makeup air openings, and space height and layout.

Our proprietary CFD analysis procedures help our clients to optimize the performance of the atrium smoke exhaust system as well as stairwell and elevator shaft pressurization. Our analyses predict smoke temperature, the concentration of toxic gases, and visibility.

AnSights into Smoke Exhaust Systems

Smoke concertation in an atrium
Visibility due to smoke concertation in an office space
Temperature distribution in an atrium under fire scenario
Smoke propagation in an atrium

We provide insights into

  • Effectiveness of smoke exhaust systems for atria.
  • Optimization of the smoke exhaust airflow rates.
  • Airflow patterns and temperature in the space.
  • Three-dimensional map of smoke concentration.
  • Visibility analysis under various fire scenarios.
  • Stairwell and elevator shaft pressurization.
  • Optimization of the pressure and supply airflow rate to meet the requirements of the local building codes.
  • Optimization of location and number of the injection points for the makeup air for stairwell and elevator shaft pressurization.

Looking for CFD services for Smoke Exhaust Systems?

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