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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis of Under Floor Air Distribution (UFAD)

Under the stratified ventilation systems, cold air is delivered at a low velocity near the floor, which then displaces the room air and airborne contaminants upward due to thermal buoyancy. The stratified ventilation systems, if designed and operated properly, can provide better indoor air quality with high energy efficiency.

Under Floor Air Distribution (UFAD) system in which the ventilation air is supplied through floor-mounted diffusers is commonly used in the case of stratified air ventilation systems. However, the performance of UFAD systems depends on the design of supply plenum, type and locations of floor diffusers, and locations of sensible heat loads in a space. Additionally, the sensible heat gain (thermal decay) in the supply plenum can affect the performance of UFAD systems. The poor performance of the UFAD system and thermal decay in the supply plenum, if not detected during the early stages of the design, is often too late to rectify during the commissioning or after the occupancy.

Our proprietary CFD analysis procedures help our clients optimize the performance of the UFAD system. We analyze and optimize the supply plenum design, diffuser design, and importantly, thermal comfort of occupants. Our analyses help in early detection and mitigation of thermal decay during the design stages and provide design alternatives to mitigate such risks.

AnSights into Under Floor Air Distribution (UFAD)

Airflow patterns in the underfloor supply plenum for a large office floor
Air temperature distribution in the underfloor supply plenum for a large office floor
Airflow patterns in the underfloor supply plenum for a trading floor
Thermal decay in the underfloor supply plenum for a trading floor

We provide insights into

  • Three-dimensional airflow patterns in the supply plenum.
  • Airflow patterns from the floor-mounted diffusers.
  • Three-dimensional distribution of temperature and pressure in the supply plenum.
  • Cause-and-effect analysis of thermal decay in UFAD plenum.
  • Temperature and airflow rate predictions through each floor-mounted diffuser.
  • Location optimization of floor-mounted diffusers.
  • Mitigation strategies for minimizing thermal decay.
  • Analysis and optimization of thermal comfort (ASHRAE Standard 55)

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