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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis of Plume Dispersion

Effective dispersion of exhaust plumes into the atmosphere is crucial for the health and safety of occupants, and in some cases, for the proper performance of air-cooled equipment such as air-cooled chillers and cooling towers. Plumes are exhausted from laboratory stacks, cooling towers, air-cooled chillers, and backup generators. The upward momentum of a plume, surrounding wind speed, and wind direction can determine the rise of the plumes. High exhaust flow rates or tall stacks are not necessarily the ideal solutions to avoid entrainments into the adjacent air intakes.

Our proprietary CFD analysis procedures help our clients to optimize the locations and height of exhaust stacks, the layout of the equipment yard to minimize hazardous entrainment into air intakes and maximize energy efficiency.

AnSights into Plume Dispersion

Plume dispersion from a cooling tower
Contaminant distribution in the vicinity of a laboratory exhaust stack
Dilution of the plume from a laboratory exhaust.
Cooling tower plume dispersion from a data center equipment yard

We provide insights into

  • Plume heights and contaminant dilution.
  • Contaminant concentrations at air intakes.
  • Optimization of exhaust flow rates.
  • Maximize the dilution ratio.
  • Optimization of height and location of exhaust stacks.
  • Optimization of placement of air-cooled chillers.
  • Optimization of placement of cooling towers.
  • Optimization of equipment yard layout.
  • Analysis of plume dispersion from generator exhaust.

Looking for CFD services for Plume Dispersion?

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