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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis of Chilled Beams

Active and passive chilled beams can provide energy-efficient operation due to their hydronic sensible cooling, lower fan power requirements, and reduced reheat during low load or part load cooling conditions. Active chilled beams consist of linear diffusers on two sides with a return at the center. The room air is induced through the return which passes through the cooling/heating coils and mixes with the primary air before it is supplied to the room. A passive chilled beam consists of a hydronic coil which through natural convection induces air movement in the room.

Several factors can affect the performance of chilled beam systems such as their capacity, location and orientation, supply airflow rates, associated induction airflow rates, and location and strength of various sensible heat sources in the space.

Our proprietary CFD analysis procedures help our clients optimize the performance of the chilled beam systems by developing their strategic locations and orientations. Our analyses predict airflow patterns; temperature distribution; and importantly, the thermal comfort of the occupants.

AnSights into Chilled Beams

Air temperature distribution in a patient room with active chilled beam.
Airflow patterns with a passive chilled beam in an office space.
Airflow patterns in an office space with a passive chilled beam.
Temperature distribution in a patient room with an active chilled beam.

We provide insights into

  • Three-dimensional airflow patterns.
  • Location optimization of active and passive chilled beams.
  • Capacity optimization of active and passive chilled beams.
  • Prediction of radiant temperature.
  • Thermal comfort of occupants (ASHRAE Standard 55).
  • Effect of sensible heat loads on the performance of chilled beams.
  • Effect of location and type of supply and exhaust diffusers for air ventilation.

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